January 30th – February 1st 

Hegra Conference of
Nobel Laureates 2020

Transmission: A Shared Heritage


Hegra Conference of Nobel Laureates 2020

The Conferences of Nobel Laureates bring together Nobel Laureates of Peace, Economics, Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Physiology and Medicine with distinguished social and political leaders to discuss the leading social problems and offer solutions to improve the state of humanity and the world.

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AlUla, The Place of heritage for the world

Located in a desert oasis, 1,100 km from Riyadh and 200 miles to the north of Madinah, AlUla is a place of extraordinary natural and human heritage. A cradle of human history, rock art and carved inscriptions reveal the presence of great civilisations past including the Dadanites, Lihyanites and Nabataeans, each of whom chose this unique region to build their kingdoms.

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Royal Commission for AlUla

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) was established by royal decree in July 2017 to protect, safeguard and reinvigorate this region of extraordinary natural, historical and cultural significance.

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A Shared Heritage

Transmission is a fundamental principle not only of any civilisation but also of humanity as a whole. It is transmission that allows us to bridge the past and the present in order to build a future that honours our ancestors while caring for our children. Understanding and appreciating our history and culture while sharing it with new generations is crucial to improving the state of humanity in these uncertain times.

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